Gardening; more than a hobby but a life's work.

In 1999, when Huw was 9 months old, he moved with his parents to a smallholding in Mid-West Wales to pursue the goal of self-sufficiency. From an early age he would help his dad grow organically produced fruit and vegetables in their kitchen garden. At age 12, Huw was inspired to create a YouTube channel to document what he was doing in the garden and had a goal of getting more people to experience the joys of homegrown produce.

Fast forward a few years and he now has over 30 million views on his gardening videos which are dedicated to empowering people to grow their own food. He believes that vegetable gardening doesn't need to be expensive or time-consuming, and it's that belief which drives him to produce the videos which are viewed worldwide.

Huw developed the strongest commitment to organic, sustainable practices.

Huw Richard's Online Garden Center

As Huw's life became increasingly immersed into the gardening community it became clear that there was a challenge to solve. The corporate big box stores & garden centers were out of touch with the needs of the modern gardener, and the wide spectrum of gardening products made it near impossible for the new gardener to know what was worth their valuable money.

The Huw Richards shop was launched in 2022 to give Huw's community of gardeners a trusted place to find top tier products for every step of their gardening journey. Using his unique connections into some of the world's leading brands, Huw, along with a team of 10+ ecommerce professionals, launched this shop as an authorized retailer of over 20 leading brands, and launched the Huw Richards line of cedar wood undercover growing products. Our company's values can be best summed up in these 5 pillars;

Quality; If Huw wouldn't use it himself, you won't find it on the shop.

Organic; We only work alongside companies with a firm commitment to true organic and sustainable practices.

Value for Money; To get a great product for the garden, you don't have to spend the most. We curate the best at every price.

Education; What good is a garden tool if you don't know how to use it? We will always be a content and education-first brand.

Community; Inspiring the next generation of gardeners summarizes everything we do.

Join our community & let's grow something together.